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Boost sales, strengthen your customer relationships and operate more effectively with iCi's comprehensive set of integrated tools for Market Research, Branding and Customer Service.

Proven with over 20 years of development and testing, these simple, flexible tools will
empower your decision-making and assist
you in taking immediate action.

Real-Time Market Research

Capture the voice of the customer and gain the insight you need to make great decisions with our sophisticated research tools.

  • Confirm your company's position
    in the market
  • Connect with customers, industry
    leaders and employees
  • Uncover new opportunities
  • Quickly receive input and take
    immediate action

Strategic Brand Building

Create awareness, spark buying interest and ignite your company's image with our strategic brand building.

  • Create greater market impact
    and recall
  • Cultivate strong, approachable
    company positions
  • Generate desire in the marketplace
  • Drive action and new sales

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Stay in touch while monitoring the needs and priorities of your customers real-time, all the time.

  • Build customer loyalty
  • Collect customer insights online
  • Receive immediate response,
    actionable alerts
  • Engage in invaluable dialogue
  • Show your customers you care
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